The World’s Best Platform To Solve Scam Problems

What is ScamDetectorToken?

ScamDetectorToken (SDT) aims to be the best anticipating SCAM service provider in the world

ScamDetectorToken provides an anti scam project development platform with a much higher level of security so that you avoid scam projects.


  • Ease of Use

    We provide the easiest platform for you to analyze a scam project
  • Multi Cryptocurrency Detector

    SCAM project detector for all Cryptocurrency
  • Marketplace

    Market The market will be detected quickly if it contains elements of scam.
  • Official Mobile Apps

    Application made specifically for iOS and Official Android, to facilitate users.

Token Information

Name : ScamDetectorToken

Symbol : SDT

Decimal : 6




  • April 2019

    Idea development and market analysis
  • Jun 2019

    Start of Project
  • Augst 2019

    Conceptualization and Planning
  • Sep 2019

    Launch Airdrop
  • Oct - Nov 2019

    Forming technical specification
  • Dec 2019

    Listing on Exchanges
  • Jan 2020

    Coinmarketcap Listings
  • Feb 2020

    Marketcap $20Millions
  • Apr 2020

    Launch Mobile Apps
  • Oct 2020

    Launch Scam Detector
  • Nov 2019

    Hiring Experts & Purchasing Resources
  • Dec 2019

    Evaluation of Decentralized Facilitator Platform(DFP)
  • Feb 2020

    Infrastructure Development
  • May 2020

    Security Assessment & Mitigation
  • July 2020

    TokenConnect Launch
  • Oct 2020

    Ecommerce Platform
  • Nov 2020

    Development and Release of Windows Apps
  • Dec 2020

    Ecommerce Testing & Opening of Platform

    Jan 2021

    Update RoadMap 2.0

Price Token Sale

1 SDT = 1 Gwei
All tokens will be distributed into five major groups, namely, Investors,Scam Detector Ltd, Rist Mitigation, Advisors and Airdrops, which will get the following percentage of the total number of SDT Tokens.

70% TokenSale

15% Airdrops

12% Team

2% Rist Mitigation

1% Advisors

In the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, the ScamDetectorToken team has chosen to stay anonymous.

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